Sunday, 30 August 2009

Wine Tasting, Sheds and more

The Bank Holiday weekend is here, where has the Summer gone. We had a show near Paignton on Friday evening, so, because of the Bank Holiday traffic, we decided to travel down on Thursday. My mate, Bill, owns a Pub with a hotel in Ivybridge, it's called The Sportsmans Inn. We rang him to say we would be in the area on Thursday evening and were booked into his hotel without even asking! Here's the thing, he was having a wine tasting evening in the pub, and we were invited. We had a great night, and I even got up and did a short 10 minute set. But I had a sensible head on as I had to work the next day. Steve enjoyed more of the wine than I did, in fact he enjoyed most of my wine as well as his!!!!! It was nice to see some of our friends that we know from that area, including Martin, who is an Insurance Man and a part time Comedian. He tells us all that his act is mainly 1970's Knob Gags, he's not lying!
Friday saw us at a holiday park in Totnes near Paignton. We were doing the show for an old friend, Dickie Mellor, who is an act, but he's turned into a "Caravan Salesman." The park he works on is stunning, with a mixture of Static Caravans and Lodges. I had a bit of fun with all the owners during the show. I kept calling the Lodges, "Sheds." They took it all in fun, and we had a fun evening. I have to say that the Lodges were fantastic. The one we had was luxurious and even had a hot tub on the patio.
Saturday saw us at "Warners" Holm Lacey Hotel, near Hereford. We drove back to Blackpool straight after the show. I'm at another Holiday Park near Blackpool tonight, and back on the Pier on Wednesday.
Have a nice Bank Holiday,


Saturday, 22 August 2009

Neville King

My great friend, Neville King, has passed away during the night. He was one of the worlds best ventriloquists, who was always on TV during the 70's. He took me under his wing when I did my first "Summer Season." He taught me so much about performing on a bigger stage. I will never forget him. My thoughts are with his wife, Joan, and his family.
For those of you who haven't seen Neville doing his thing, here's a link to a You Tube clip.
just copy and paste this into your address bar and enjoy.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Back Home

I've just got back from the ship. I have to tell you this. After leaving Southampton and spending 2 days at sea, we arrived in Lerwick. It looked nice, with typical Scotish style countryside. So I decided to go ashore and find a nice bottle of "Quality" Scotch Whiskey. On leaving the ship, I asked where to go to find what I wanted, and expected to be told of a local shop selling local produce. Instead, I was directed to the local Co Op! I couldn't wait to get to the Faroe Islands to see if the had an Aldi.
The ship was nice, and I met some lovely people. The actor, Gary Webbster, who used to be in "Minder" was on board, he was giving talks. I enjoyed his company, and he told me some great stories, but some of them must remain confidential, but they were funny.
I got back into Heathrow on Tuesday evening, and was back on the pier last night. Audiences are good, and I'm enjoying myself. If you come along, please come up after the show for a chat, I don't bite.

See you soon,

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mick's gone to Iceland

I'm on the way to Southampton to join the P & O cruise ship, "The Artemis." We will be sailing up to Iceland, where I will fly back from Reykjavik. I've been there before, and it is a fantastic place, but it's very very expensive.
On the way up there, we will be stopping at Lerwick and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands. When I told the missus, this, she said, "Oh, What will the weather be like in Egypt?" She thought I was going to the Islands where the Pharaoh's came from!!!!! Still, where would I be without her.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Johnny Vegas and more

What a weekend, as you know, I was in Spain for the Johnny Vegas DVD shoot. It gave me a chance to catch up with a few friends who live out there. Thanks to everyone who made both Steve and I so welcome.
We had a long day on Monday. After leaving Johnny and co very late in the morning, we managed a couple of hours sleep, and then went to the airport to catch a flight back to The UK. We then went straight to the Isle of Sheppy for filming. This was for a pilot for a potential new TV series.
Here's a sneak preview of my character.

Sir Bobby Robson

I was away in Spain when I heard the sad news about the great Sir Bobby Robson. I had the pleasure of working with him several times. As a former pro football player and also as a football fan, I was saddened to hear of his death.
I have my own memories of him. He was a gentleman and a true proffesional, who loved what he did.