Thursday, 21 January 2010

Christmas and beyond

I had a great Christmas with the family. It's nice to see the faces on the kids on Christmas morning. Did any of you go to the pub on Christmas Day? There's always a strong smell of after shave!
I was working on New Years Day, so my New Years celebration was quite reserved. The show was at Warner's Littlecote House at Hungerford. I think that the audience had enjoyed their New Years break and I was expecting them to be a bit quiet after all their fun. But, I was wrong, they were totally up for a laugh. I was on with an old friend, Jeff Hooper and his band. He's a great entertainer with a fabulous bunch of quality musicians. We had a chat and caught up on things. I really enjoyed the evening, but had to travel straight back to Blackpool after the show.
Then, it was down to Southampton to join the Queen Victoria. We sailed to New York, and then I flew back.
This week was the "read through" for the new series of "IDEAL." It's a chance to catch up with all the cast before the work really begins. I have to say that this series looks fantastic. We start filming at the end of the month and carry on until April. I'm really looking forward to it.
Tomorrow, I fly to Barbados for a short cruise, returning in time to have a day off before filming.
For those of you in the BBC Lancashire region, I have agreed to be a guest on Ted Robbins Morning Show. The provisional date is Friday 5th Feb. but things sometimes change.
I'm going to pack my suitcase again, see you soon,