Tuesday, 10 August 2010

On The TV

The new series of "IDEAL" starts on 17th August at 10.30 pm. Have a look at the trailer here

Also, Watch out over the next few Sunday evenings on ITV 1 for a series called "The Unforgettables" This is a series of documentaries about some of the great entertainers who are sadly no longer with us. Each program deals with one subject, and features the family and close friends of the subject. I was asked to talk about one of my great friends, Mike Read. So try and catch it, it will be a fantastic tribute to a lovely man.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back Home

sorry it's been a while since I wrote anything here, but it's been more of the same, lot's of cruise ships. It's all been good, and I do enjoy doing them. It's the flying I hate.
I have now started back on Blackpool's North Pier on Wednesday nights with the legend that is Frank Carson. He hasn't changed a bit, he might be in his 80's, but he still has them rolling in the aisles. Although I am there for the season, I will be missing for some of the weeks, due to prior commitments. So please check when you book your tickets.
I appeared as part of a comedy night at Ricky (Jim Royle) Tomlinson's new cabaret venue, "The Green Room" in Duke St. in Liverpool the other week. I was on with Jimmy Cricket and Duncan Norvelle. This is a new venue, and the team behind it deserve success. They really looked after us, and we had a great night.
The evening was reviewed by Angie Sammons on www.liverpoolconfidential.com if you want to have a look.
Here's a sample
Miller, unlike the others, has evolved with the zeitgeist. He does cracking observational comedy that gets down with both the old bastards and the kids.
Anyone who can use the word, "Zeitgeist" in a review must know what they're talking about! So I'm just going to check a dictionary to make sure that it isn't derogatory!!!!!!
So, I've been home to Liverpool, and am back on the Pier, so I really feel like I am Back Home at the moment.
Don't forget to say hello if you come down to the pier.